5th solar power plant officially opened in Ukraine

In a manifestation of Scatec’s commitment to Ukraine’s transition towards green energy, an opening ceremony for the fifth solar power plant in the country was held on 6 July. Chigirin has a design life of more than 30 years and will be providing clean energy to over 28,000 households annually.

Scatec started our journey in the country in 2017 and is a frontrunner in renewable energy in Ukraine, with a promise to uplift the local community. A memorandum of cooperation on the implementation of social projects was signed, amongst them upgrading the water supply system in the surrounding area and creation of a youth space.

The overall goal of the company is to provide competitive and sustainable renewable energy. Therefore, the three pillars for achieving it are: constant monitoring of the impact on the environmental and social aspects, trust in business partners and promoting local change for the better.

For all projects, Scatec allocates annual funds over the lifetime of the power plant for socio-economic development within areas such as health, education and development or establishment of infrastructure. The investment in such projects in Ukraine totals EUR 625,000 so far.

Scatec will continue to be a predictable partner in Ukraine working together with the communities.

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