COVID-19 Health and Education Support

In Mozambique, Scatec converted containers into health and education facilities in order to respond to the consequences of COVID-19 in the community.

The challenge

COVID-19 negatively impacted the lives of the people and communities living around our Mocuba solar plant. Due to a lack of infrastructure in the sectors, our local communities lacked proper health and education facilities.

How we worked together:

A local company was contracted to refurbish containers, converting them into 7 health facilities and 2 education facilities. The upgraded facilities adhere to COVID-19 recommendations and reduce pressure on existing facilities.

Key results


Thousand $ invested by Scatec


Health facilities


Education facilities

Mocuba, Mozambique, 40 MW

The 40 MW plant is located close to the city of Mocuba in the Zamb├ęzia Province. The Mocuba project was the first large scale solar plant starting operation in the country and the plant was inaugurated by the President of Mozambique.