Field band

Creating opportunities for the development and self-empowerment of young South Africans through participation in music, dance and active citizenship projects.

The challenge

The project targets the various economic and social issues faced by South African youth. It aims to build the capacity of staff and members and empower healthy young people to contribute to a vibrant society.

How we worked together

Partnering with Field Band Foundation, we support the development and implementation of programmes pertaining to music and dance for primary and high school learners. Young tutors (former band members) take the responsibility to teach their young peers, while a Project Officer liaises with parents, teachers and other stakeholders to manage the project in the community.

Our solar power plants

Kalkbult, South Africa, 75 MW: Situated in the Northern Cape region, the Kalkbult plant is one of the largest solar plants in South Africa.

Linde, South Africa, 40 MW: Situated in the Karoo region of the Northern Cape, Linde was commissioned in July 2014.