Release by Scatec

About Release

Designed to overcome financial and technical barriers associated with adopting solar energy, Scatec introduces Release, a flexible leasing agreement of pre-assembled solar PV and battery equipment to deliver a low cost, clean, and reliable power solution.

Release designs, finances and installs scalable solar power plants and battery storage and leases out the equipment on short- or long-term contracts. Focusing on medium and large energy consumers in emerging markets, we use our experience, competence, and global presence to make reliable solar power available to a larger audience.

Release is owned and managed by Scatec ASA.

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Scatec launched Release by Scatec in September 2019 – a service that offers access to flexible, reliable and low-cost power through solar plant leasing.


Release by Scatec entered into a lease agreement with electricity company ENEO in Cameroon to deliver two hybrid solar and storage plants totalling 36 MW solar and 20 MW/19 MWh storage


Release by Scatec signs flexible lease agreement with Torex Gold for 8.5 MW solar plant


Scatec ASA is proud to announce that our ISO certification has been extended to include our Release offering


Launch virtual site visit to Stellenboch, South Africa


Completes a combined solar and battery storage plant in Malakal, South Sudan


Completes pilot plant in Stellenbosch, South Africa


Release launches webtool


Scatec Solar introduces Release: Making solar simple