A blueprint for local impact

In a consultation process with the Bom Sucesso community in Ceará, Brazil, the need for an upgrade of the local kindergarten was early communicated. Kroma Energia and Scatec Solar took on the project of improving the space and providing it with renewable energy. 

Sustainability is integrated into Scatec Solar’s operating model. Considering a solar plant has a life span of up to 25 years, a long-term relationship with the local communities is vital. For each project a local needs assessment is conducted as part of a stakeholder engagement plan.

–  The purpose of the project was to create long-term value for the community of Bom Sucesso, the closest neighbouring village to the 162 MW Apodi plant only a few hundred meters away. The direct project impacts were limited, but a needs assessment prepared as part of the broader stakeholder engagement plan, revealed that the community’s kindergarten was longing for an upgrade, says Johan Tingulstad, Senior Sustainability Manager at Scatec Solar.

Project management as success criteria

The project included refurbishing the kindergarten and its outdoor areas and installing solar PV on the rooftops from leftover panels from the Apodi plant. The PV solution ensures stable and clean electricity for both the kindergarten and the neighbouring local health center and contributes to lowering electricity costs.

 –  We structured the project as a mini EPC-project, which means that we used the same project management tools as we do for our solar plants. There was a solid project plan with clear and measurable targets. The local community was involved in the project from start to finish, Tingulstad continues. He adds that the organisation of the project could function as a blueprint for future sustainability projects.

Impact designed to last

Sustainability projects are chosen based on what contributes to value over time and the kindergarten project has such long-term impacts.

 –  We didn’t just think about the students and teachers, we also thought of the community enjoying the space, the environment, says Adriano Lima, Country Liaison Officer at Scatec Solar.

The children and teachers benefit from a refurbished school environment, with upgraded playgrounds and a safe and healthy work environment. However indirectly, the entire community benefits.

For more, watch the video documenting the project: