Abdelaziz Yatribi

Meet one of our changemakers, engineer Abdelaziz Yatribi. Abdelaziz is Scatec’s general manager for its Middle East, North Africa, and West Africa operations.

Moroccan-native Abdelaziz lives by the mantra that “anything is possible”. It’s an apt adage for someone who has dedicated his days to driving the green shift in parts of the world where it’s needed most.

After completing his education in energy engineering in France and later getting a master’s degree in business in the UK, Abdelaziz returned to North Africa to begin his career in renewable energy – a career that eventually led him to Scatec in 2016.

My job is all about developing Scatec’s activities across exciting geographies and using multiple technologies – including solar, wind, battery energy storage solutions and now green hydrogen and ammonia.”

Abdelaziz credits his “anything is possible” (famous Ironman slogan) attitude to a journey which led him from a biking accident he had at the age of 12 and childhood obesity, to competing in triathlon and ironman events. In the aftermath of the crash, he developed a severe phobia and couldn’t ride a bicycle for the next 15 years. Later, as an adult, he discovered the world of sports. He says he became “addicted” to a healthy lifestyle, and his passion for sports played a big role in developing the person he is today.

Once I overcame my bike phobia, I decided to become a triathlete. I had another accident a few years ago, but this time I didn’t succumb to my phobia. I got right back on my bike.”

Abdelaziz knows what it is to face seemingly insurmountable challenges and next on his agenda is to conquer the green ammonia world and build a strong position for Scatec.

I hope that Scatec will be the first company in the world to start construction of a large-scale green ammonia project in Oman, and that we will continue our mission to deliver clean energy through projects in high potential markets.

Abdelaziz believes that success is within reach if we step outside our comfort zones and put in the hard work to turn dreams into reality. It’s what will make his vision of the green energy future a reality.

I believe that it’s possible to make the world a better place through clean technologies. We just need to set our goals and work step-by-step to achieve them. They may seem out of reach at first, but once you start putting the hours in, it feels more and more possible,” he says.

But similar to endurance sports, it will only truly feel achievable once you have the finish line in your sights. That’s why we must never give up.”