Andrea Co

Meet one of our changemakers, business and finance expert Andrea Co. Andrea leads Scatec’s Vietnam-based operations, working as VP Business Development for Southeast Asia and as the Vietnam country manager.

Andrea is still a relative newcomer to Scatec, starting with the company just one year ago. She made a clean break from the banking business about 10 years ago. And while her education may be in the finance field, the world of wind and solar power was where she wanted to be “for good”, as she puts

it. Her renewables adventure began in SN Power before she decided to join the Scatec team.

“My seven-year-old godson describes what I do for a living better than I can. He says, ‘I know what you do! You take power from the sun and wind and make electricity. Your job is so cool!’,” recounts Andrea.

While a move from banking to renewables was a big change for her, Andrea never looked back. Her new job at Scatec gives her to opportunity to solve big commercial challenges and contribute to global solutions, all while working with what she calls the “brightest minds” in the renewable energy industry.

Meeting the commercial and planetary-level challenges ahead will require courage, creativity, and willingness to change to succeed, according to Andrea.

The key to success in our rapidly evolving renewables industry is to stay fresh and innovative. I encourage the team to constantly think about how we can do things differently and better. We must share learnings and best practices from our diverse backgrounds and collaborate on new approaches and embrace new ways of working.”

Change is certainly in the cards for the energy future, and Andrea realizes that she and the Scatec team have an important role, especially in driving the transition in Southeast Asia.

“We are in a privileged position in Scatec, involved in the big impact issues and big impact solutions. Progress demands change from all of us, both an internal change in our mindsets and external change when it comes to collaboration. We must stay ambitious, persevere through the tough times, and always remember to have fun on the way.”