Local job creation in Mozambique

Without income generation, no community is able to develop in a sustainable manner. Scatec Solar is strongly committed to contributing to job creation, and we employ local labour and suppliers as far as possible, regardless of whether this is a requirement or not. This practice contributes to reducing unemployment rates and provides the transfer of knowledge and technical skills to the communities where we are present.

The Mocuba project created 1,209 jobs during the peak construction period with the percentage of local employees from surrounding communities reaching almost 90%

In our 40 MW Mocuba project in Mozambique, which was grid-connected in July 2019, local job creation was a key priority.

Key highlights:

  • At the peak of construction, 1,209 people worked on the site: 1,052 were hired locally, 96 of whom were women
  • During the construction phase, the plant made a conscious effort to recruit (unskilled) workers from the surrounding villages
  • The job opportunities were announced in the local media, and potential workers went through an application process
  • On-site jobs included construction work such as mounting solar panels, connecting cables and installing fencing, in addition to cutting grass and performing various kitchen chores