Omar Youssef

Name: Omar Youssef

Position: Plant Manager

Country: Egypt

Worked in Scatec Solar since: 2016

What is your story with Scatec Solar?

I joined Scatec Solar in 2016 as a Design Engineer based in Cairo and South Africa. My passion to understand more about the interconnected and complete cycle of a solar project lead to my move from Engineering to Operation and Maintenance (O&M). After joining the O&M development and analytics segment in 2017, I participated in core development projects globally such as semi-automated cleaning and vegetation control solutions, thermal scanning by drones, cleaning robotics, CMMS, SCADA2.0. I worked across many countries and visited most of the plants we have in operation, before I became the Field Supervisor in Egypt in 2020 and later was appointed the Plant Manager role of the 390 MW portfolio in Egypt.

I have been lucky to meet and work with all those great spirits and beautiful minds who enlightened me on how we can dream, and together achieve something we can belong to and be proud of. Going from 322 MW in operation when I started in 2016, to 1.5 GW in mid-2020 is a success story to tell, and a proof of concept. This has changed the way I look at working towards tough goals and setting high ambitions in my life.

What do you think makes Scatec Solar unique?

Once you get to work in Scatec Solar it won’t take you long to figure out that people are working here because they love what they do. They find diminished culture and language boundaries paving the way to effectively be part of a global team working towards one common vision with common values. I have experienced myself that this is a company where you can grow and develop.