Production start of Bajo Frio, Panama

Through its partnership with the Credicorp Group in Panama, SN Power has developed and constructed the Bajo Frio hydropower project in the Chiriquí Viejo Basin, near the border to Costa Rica. The project has a capacity of 58 MW. Bajo Frio starts generation in June 2015.

Bajo Frio power station contributes to replacing power generated by thermal HFO generators in Panama. Approximately 60% of the production is sold through a long term PPA.

In August, the BoD in Agua Imara’s 51% owned subsidiary Lunsemfwa Hydro Power Company approves the start of the Safe Operations project, which will secure and stabilize energy supply from its two aging power stations, Lunsemfwa and Mulungushi, for the years to come.

In September 2015 the SN Power BoD approves the Maris Canal project in the Philippines, which is located approximately 5.5 km downstream from Magat Dam, with reservoir formed between the two dams.