Sarahí Hill

Name: Sarahí Hill

Position: Quality Control Lead – Construction

Worked in Scatec Solar since:  2017

Country: Honduras

What is your story with Scatec Solar?

My story with Scatec Solar is one full of professional development and career building under outstanding mentorship. I started as a quality assistant for a project, then moved on to quality manager and I’m currently working as a Quality Control Lead in the company. All those steps brought with them a great amount of knowledge and experience in other areas such as engineering and supply chain; we all work together to ensure quality throughout projects. Working in Quality Control has given me the opportunity to develop under the leadership of highly skilled professionals and to be exposed to a multicultural work environment.

I usually have fun breaking down almost impossible tasks to achieve challenges. Here in Scatec Solar, we are constantly taking on these types of challenges, so we have a very dynamic environment. Things go on so fast, but I have learned the importance and benefits of doing things right the first time even when under high pressure. Therefore, I am always looking for new ways to ensure tasks are safely and correctly accomplished in the fastest and most cost-effective way. This influences my personal and professional growth since I must become more strategic and think outside the box for creative solutions on a day-to-day basis. For all of this, I enjoy working in Scatec Solar and appreciate the trust given to implement my work in the company.

What do you think makes Scatec Solar unique?

Its people and culture.

This company has amazing professionals working all over the globe and you get to engage with many of them in one way or another. You not only learn technically from them, but you also get to learn more about their stories and countries. There is a very strong work culture driven by our four main values and I see them applied every day – in everything we do. Also, as a female engineer, Scatec Solar has made me feel welcomed and cared for in an area as harsh as construction. Gender equality is a very important topic for me, and I feel Scatec Solar does its part in improving this, not only within the company, but also in local communities through the long-term sustainability initiatives for projects.