Viktor Matisko

Name: Viktor Matisko

Position: Finance & Asset Manager

Country:  Czech Republic

Worked in Scatec Solar since:  June – 2010

What is your story with Scatec Solar?

I started in Scatec Solar in June 2010 as Project Director, responsible for all running and existing projects in the Czech Republic solar boom in 2010. After a successful grid connection, we became at the end of 2010 the first 100% owned Scatec Solar asset. Experiences from the development and construction period were used for our start-up of key locations in South Africa.

Czech Republic implemented limits to solar installation in first quarter 2011, therefore we had to restructure the organisation and I was nominated as General Manager for Scatec Solar Czech Republic, with full country responsibility. Today, we are still operating four solar parks with a total of 20 MW very effectively. My goal is to lead the local company into the future of solar energy, where consumers and companies are demanding integration of renewable energy into the grid and off grid.

What do you think makes Scatec Solar unique?

One of the unique points of Scatec Solar is the flexibility and the ability to enter new markets. I remember the time when Scatec Solar Czech Republic was kind of a “superstar” with 20 MW installed. Today, 20 MW is seen almost as a “kinder garden” compared with the size of other locations, and we continue to progress into new markets.

Another unique point is the people factor. Being able to communicate freely and respect each other, this is very important for all of us. We are not only colleagues, but these friendly relations are creating a very special working atmosphere and employees are able to overcome challenges or even impossible things.

A last unique factor is the global impact of our work. The public is starting to ask for solar energy, asking from which resource electricity was produced, and what is the global impact on nature. Personally, when I see how easy and efficently we produce energy from solar, I ask myself why we did not start Scatec Solar earlier!