Scatec scores A grade in ESG reporting – among the top-rated companies in Scandinavia

Oslo, 9 September 2022: Position Green, formerly known as the Governance Group, today published its annual analysis of Environment, Social and Governance reporting – ESG 100 – for the top 100 stock-listed companies in Norway, Sweden, and Denmark.

This is the fifth time Position Green analyses and rates the 100 largest corporations on the Oslo Stock Exchange on ESG reporting and has now also introduced the same rating in Sweden and Denmark. The extensive analysis evaluates information based on 14 indicators related to environmental, social and governance topics reported by the companies.

What does grade A mean?

“Excellent reporting in line with best practice. Good description of material issues and performance in these areas. Clear strategy and specific, quantifiable targets,” according to the report’s authors. Scrutiny and oversight of ESG is maturing and evolving, and demand for this data is growing to support decisions made by a broad range of stakeholders including investors, policymakers, consumers and employees, the report states.

“This is testimony to sustainability being at the centre of everything we do in Scatec, and we are proud to be among the leaders in Norway. We continuously work on identifying and managing ESG risks and the impact on our business and value chain. The focus on solid reporting is essential to monitor and measure our performance and improve where we can. This is a journey where all stakeholders have a role to play,” says Scatec CEO Terje Pilskog.

“We are very happy to maintain our position among the top companies in Scandinavia. Our work in 2022 has revolved around regulations like the CSRD, the EU Taxonomy and the Transparency Act. We have worked to strengthen our ESG data quality by investing in new reporting platforms and continuing our assurance journey. A big thank you to all our fantastic and dedicated colleagues from all parts of our business who contribute to this recognition,” says Julie Hamre, VP ESG Reporting & Strategy in Scatec.

The full report can be downloaded here.

Read more about how Scatec works with ESG on our website and in our Sustainability Report.