The Scatec way

We are continuously working together to maintain the highest of ethical standards whilst ensuring a sustainable and socially responsible growth.

We are changemakers bestowing our values, corporate governance, zero tolerance of corruption, relentless focus on Health, Safety, Security and Environment, and our respect for human rights, in all markets we operate.

We will predictably be a trusted partner, with the highest of ethical standards, always adhering to applicable law.

Lastly, we will strive to always be driving results without ever compromising our values and expect our partners and stakeholders to adhere to the same.

If you have experienced unethical behaviour, please notify us by using the whistleblowing channel.

Our values

Whistleblowing channel

Our Code of Conduct

Compliance with national, regional and international laws and regulations is mandatory in all Scatec activities. But business ethics extend beyond simple compliance. Our Code of Conduct sets out the essential requirements for ethical business conduct in Scatec, applicable to all Scatec employees, hired consultants and directors, including our subsidiaries, joint ventures and affiliates.


Anti-Corruption in Scatec

Scatec is committed to a zero tolerance policy of corruption. We strictly oppose all forms of corruption and will always comply with applicable anti-corruption laws. As a global company with strong growth in emerging markets Scatec operates in countries with high risk of corruption, some of which are amongst the most challenging in the world.

Managing the risk of corruption in our projects requires extensive efforts. In Scatec we have implemented a risk based Anti-Corruption Program that sets out the laws we are bound by and the policies and procedures we have adopted to prevent and detect corruption.  It describes our key tools to manage corruption risks, such as risk assessments, integrity due diligence, training program and our decision gate approval processes.

More information of the Anti-Corruption Program can be found in our Sustainability Report.

Our approach

  • Maintain a zero-tolerance principle to bribery and corruption
  • Continuously strive to maintain high ethical standards
  • Build a culture that values honesty, integrity and transparency, and require each partner and/or supplier to adhere to the same
  • Provide anti-corruption training for all employees
  • Conduct risk assessments of potential partners, operating countries and locations to assess governance-related risk such as criminal records, creditworthiness, breaching sanctions and engaging in bribery and corruption
  • Ensure that our own high standards of anti-corruption behaviour are clearly reflected in contracts with our partners
  • Pass all solar projects through four separate decision gates where screening, compliance and risk of corruption must be addressed

Key compliance areas

Whistleblowing channel

We encourage all employees and stakeholders to ask questions if they see suspicious behavior and to report concerns. Reports from our employees and stakeholders are our most important mechanism to understand when things are not as they should be in Scatec. If you have experienced unethical behavior, or activities that conflicts with the law, our Code of Conduct or the Scatec values, please notify us by using our Whistleblowing channel:


Integrity due diligence

Scatec is committed to take the necessary steps to manage the risks arising from third-party relationships. As part of this commitment no contractual relationship with a third  party  may  be  established  without  appropriate  integrity  due  diligence,  and  no  contract  shall  be  entered  into  without  adequate  anti-corruption undertakings.

As part of the IDD process we collect information of our third parties to gain an understanding of their beneficiaries, their reputation and ways of doing business. Processing of any personal data in this regard is done in compliance with applicable data protection regulations.

Expectations to suppliers

The selection of our business partners, service providers and suppliers is vital to ensure a non-corruptive business environment. We expect all third parties to act in accordance with applicable law, our values and to the spirit of our Code of Conduct. We have prepared a set of principles that reflects our values and that you must comply with while working for Scatec, set out in the Supplier Conduct Principles. Find more information under vendor registration:

“We work systematically to prevent corruption and unethical practices in all projects and operations”
– Siobhan Minnaar, EVP General Counsel