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Financial calendar

  • 18.04.24 - Annual General Meeting 2024

  • 30.04.24 - First quarter results 2024

  • 16.08.24 - Second quarter and half year results 2024

  • 01.11.24 - Third quarter results 2024

  • 31.01.25 - Fourth quarter results 2024

Scatec normally publishes its quarterly results at 07:00 am (CET). The results will be available at the company’s website and at Oslo Stock Exchange’s Newsweb. An open presentation of the results is held in Oslo the same day.

Silent periods normally start one week after the end of each quarter.

The dates are subject to change.

Investor introduction

Scatec is a leading renewable energy solutions provider, accelerating access to reliable and affordable clean energy in high growth markets. As a long-term player, we develop, build, own and operate renewable energy plants.

  • 4,230 MW in operation
  • 342 MW under construction
  • 12 GW in project backlog and pipeline

Our latest reports and presentations for download:



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The power plants are structured in project companies (single purpose vehicles) and financed with equity and non-recourse project finance debt. This structure offers isolation of operational and financial risks related to each individual project, and limits Scatec’s exposure to the equity invested and retained in the respective project companies. A large share of the funding of Scatec’s equity investments in the solar project companies is generated through Scatec’s Development & Construction activities.

Free cash flow generated in the project companies is transferred to Scatec as contributions and/or dividends on a semi-annual basis in accordance with the financing agreements. First distribution typically occurs after 12-18 months of plant operation.


In Q1 2023, Scatec fully refinanced the USD 193 million Bridge-to-Bond facility related to the acquisition of SN Power. On 2 February 2023, Scatec refinanced USD 100 million of the USD 193 million Bridge-to-Bond facility with a new USD 100 million Green Term loan with maturity in the fourth quarter 2027 provided by DNB, Nordea and Swedbank. The Green Term loan will be amortised through semi-annual repayments of USD 5 million. On 10 February 2023 Scatec ASA issued NOK 1 billion of new senior unsecured green bonds to refinance the remaining USD 93 million of the bridge facility. The new bonds have maturity in February 2027 with a coupon rate of 3m NIBOR + 660 bps p.a. and quarterly interest payments.

On 25 January 2024, Scatec agreed refinancing terms with DNB, Nordea and Swedbank for its USD 150 million Green Term loan, with USD 135 million outstanding at the end of the fourth quarter 2023. The new Green Term loan will be amortised through semi-annual repayments of USD 7.5 million with final maturity in the fourth quarter 2027.

On 7 February 2024, Scatec successfully issued a NOK 1,750 million in a 4-year senior unsecured bond issue with a coupon of 3 months NIBOR + 4.25% p.a. with quarterly interest payments. In conjunction with the bond issue Scatec bought back EUR 136 million of outstanding bonds with ticker “SCATC03 ESG” (ISIN NO0010931181) which was cancelled subsequently. Following the transaction, the total nominal outstanding amount of the EUR bond is EUR 114 million. The outstanding EUR bonds have maturity in August 2025 with a coupon rate of 3m EURIBOR + 250 bps p.a. and quarterly interest payments.

The current senior debt at Scatec ASA level is:

  • EUR 114 million Green bond, maturity Q3 2025
  • USD 100 million Green Term loan, maturity Q4 2027
  • USD 150 million Green Term loan, maturity Q4 2027
  • NOK 1,000 million Green Bond, maturity Q1 2027
  • NOK 1,750 million Green Bond, maturity Q1 2028

As part of the acquisition of SN Power, Norfund offered a USD 200 million Vendor note with Maturity in Q1 2028. This note is deeply subordinated and will not count in the debt covenant calculations.

In addition, Scatec ASA has a USD 180 million, ESG linked, Multicurrency Revolving Credit Facility with maturity in March 2023 with Nordea Bank, Swedbank, BNP Paribas and DNB.

Scatec ASA has an additional USD 5 million overdraft facility with Nordea Bank made available on a multicurrency top account in the group account cash pool.

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