Board of Directors

John Andersen Jr.


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John Andersen Jr., Chairman of the board

Year of birth: 1967

Elected until: 2022

Education: Master of Business and Economics from BI Norwegian Business School.

Experience: Currently CEO of Scatec AS. Former Chief Operating Officer of the REC Group, where he held several top management positions during his 12 years with the company. Prior to REC, he worked in Borregaard Industrier.

Number of shares in Scatec ASA: 0¹
¹) Related parties control 19,482,339 shares through Scatec AS

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Gisele Marchand

Board member

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Gisele Marchand, Board member

Year of birth: 1958

Elected until: 2021

Education: Master of Business at Copenhagen Business School

Experience: Has been CEO of the law firm Haavind AS since 2014. She has extensive executive experience from positions in several financial institutions like the Government Pension Fund and DNB ASA with responsibility for the private - and corporate market in Norway.

Number of shares in Scatec ASA: 2,586

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Jan Skogseth

Board member

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Jan Skogseth, Board member

Year of birth: 1955

Elected until: 2022

Education: Master of Science Mechanical Engineering, South Dakota School of Mines & Technology.

Experience: Has more than 35 years of experience from the Oil, Gas and Renewable industries ranging from oil companies to supplier industries, both in Norway and internationally.

Number of shares in Scatec ASA: 23,000

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John Giverholt

Board member

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John Giverholt, Board Member

Year of birth: 1952

Elected until: 2021

Education: B.Sc. from the University of Manchester, and higher auditor exam from the Norwegian School of Economics (NHH).

Experience: Served as CEO of Ferd AS until 2017, and previously CFO of Ferd AS. Has extensive experience from leading positions in Norsk Hydro, Arthur Andersen & Co, and Orkla ASA.

Number of shares in Scatec ASA: 4,000

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Maria Moræus Hanssen

Board member

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Year of birth: 1965

Elected until: 2022

Education: Master of Petroleum Engineering from Norwegian University of Science and Technology and Master of Petroleums Economics from IFP School

Experience: Extensive experience from the international oil & gas industry, including 4 years as CEO of DEA AG (Hamburg) and ENGIE E&P International SA (Paris). She previously held executive positions in Norsk Hydro, Statoil (Equinor), Aker ASA and served as Deputy CEO and COO for newly merged Wintershall DEA until end of 2019.

Number of shares in Scatec ASA: 2,760 (incl. related parties)

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Scatec Solar has established an Audit Committee and Remuneration Committee, both elected by the Board of Directors. The Company also has a Nomination Committee governed by the Articles of Association section 8 and elected by the General Meeting.

Audit Committee

Scatec Solar has established an Audit Committee, elected by the Board of Directors.
The Audit Committee consist of two members, elected for a period of two years, or until they resign their position as a member of the Board. The members of the Audit Committee are independent of the management team of Scatec Solar.

The current Audit Committee is composed as follows:

  • John Andersen Jr.
  • Gisele Marchand
  • John Giverholt

The Audit Committee is a preparatory and advisory committee for the Board. Pursuant to section 6-43 of the Norwegian Public Limited Companies Act, the Audit Committee shall; prepare the Board of Directors’ supervision of the Company’s financial reporting process; monitor the systems for internal control and risk management; have continuous contact with the Company’s auditor regarding the audit of the annual accounts; and review and monitor the independence of the Company’s auditor, including in particular the extent to which services than auditing provided by the auditor or the audit firm represent a threat to the independence of the auditor.

Remuneration Committee

The Company’s Remuneration Committee is governed by a separate instruction adopted by the Board. The members of the Remuneration Committee are appointed by and among the members of the Board and shall be independent of the Company’s executive management. The principal tasks of the remuneration committee are to prepare:

  • the Board’s declaration on determination of salaries and other remuneration for executive management in accordance with the Norwegian Public Limited Liability Companies Act section 6-16 a
  • and consider other matters relating to remuneration and other material employment issues in respect of the executive management.

The current Remuneration Committee is composed as follows:

  • John Andersen Jr.
  • Jan Skogseth
  • Maria Moræus Hanssen








Nomination Committee

Scatec Solar has established a Nomination committee in accordance with the Articles of Association. The Nomination Committee is independent of the Board and management of the company, and its composition shall ensure the shareholder’s interests. The Instructions for the Nomination Committee are available here

Members of the Nomination Committee are elected by the General Meeting for a period of two years. The General Meeting also elect the Chairman of the Nomination committee, and decide upon the committee’s compensation.

The current Nomination Committee is composed of  Alf Inge Gjerde (Chairman), Kristine Ryssdal  and Svein Høgset. Please see below for the profiles.

Alf Inge Gjerde
Chairman of the Nomination Committee
Phone:  +47 934 03 005

Alf Inge Gjerde has more than 25 years of experience as financial analyst and fund manager Storebrand, and is currently Senior Fundmanager for Norwegian stocks at Storebrand Kapitalforvaltning AS.

Directorships/elected positions last five years:
Member of Verdipapirfondenes Forenings aksjeutvalg, member of the nomination committee in Scana Industrier from 2008 until 2014.

Kristine Ryssdal
Member of the Nomination Committee
Phone: +47 95 02 83 20.

Kristine Ryssdal has since 2016 been EVP General Counsel in Yara International ASA. She has previously held leading positions in both Equinor ASA and REC ASA. Ryssdal has since 2018 been a member of Norges Bank’s Executive Board. Further, she has experience from the board of Borregaard ASA.

Svein Høgset
Member of the Nomination Committee
Phone: +47 404 82 770

Svein Høgset is the CEO and CIO of Incentive AS, an investment management firm based in Oslo and Stockholm. Prior to founding Incentive in 2014, Mr Høgset lived and worked within investment banking and investment management in London between 1998 and 2014. Prior employers include Morgan Stanley, Goldman Sachs, Montrica Investment Management and TPG-Axon. Mr Høgset holds a Master of Science in Business Administration from the Norwegian School of Economics (NHH) in Bergen, Norway.

Election of members to Scatec Solar’s Board of Directors
In connection with the annual evaluation of the Board of Directors, shareholders may propose candidates to the Board of Directors to the Nomination Committee. Proposals can be submitted to the Chairman of the Nomination Committee.