Agroforestry Project

In Los Prados, we continue working on an agroforestry project that aims to improve food security for families in Rancheria.

The challenge

The community of La Balastrera in Rancheria, near our Los Prados site, did not previously have electricity or drinking water. It was identified that they would also benefit from long-term sustainable initiatives to address local challenges.

How we worked together

A solar-powered pump extracts water for an irrigation system, allowing families to grow corn, beans and vegetables year-round. These are used for family consumption and for sale. We monitor all our projects frequently, and allow the communities to develop by themselves, without becoming dependent on us.

Key results


Sacks of corn harvested in 2021


thousand $ invested by Scatec in Los Prados


Fruit trees planted


Water storage tanks installedliter
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“Now when I am planting on this land, I no longer spend a penny to buy a piece of corn because I can just go harvest it. We have an underground pipe, and in the summer when we are going to plant vegetables, I just open the tap and that sends the water to the tank above. I have planted corn, squash and beans.”
– Hilaria Huete, Community Member

Los Prados, Honduras, 35 MW

Located in the southern Choluteca region close to the Pacific coast, Scatec and Norfund acquired the project in 2015. Phase 1 reached commercial operation in September 2018. The project holds a 20-year PPA with Empresa Nacional de Energia Electricia (ENEE), and equity partner for the solar plant is Norfund.