Community PV (2)

In 2022, Scatec opened a new water well and solar PV system for communities near our Agua Fria site.

The challenge

The communities of La Brea and Agua Fria are situated near our site. It was identified that residents would benefit from affordable and sustainable water. Solar PV is also a reliable source in case of interruption in the area.

How we worked together

We installed a 23.85 kWp PV system consisting of 53 panels that provides electricity to the water pump. The water well has good quality water for human consumption. This project is one of four such community investments in Honduras, providing cost savings on electricity bills and ensuring residents have access to affordable water.

Key results


Households connected


Solar panels installed


Yield of water well (m3/h)


thousand $ invested by Scatec

This project came to solve a problem we had in the water service, we did not supply to the majority of families. Today we have solved that problem, everyone is provided water at the correct time. The solar panels have come to give cost savings in the water service, in the operation of the pumps.
– Gregorio Lopez, representing Water Board in Agua Fria.

Agua Fria, Honduras, 60 MW

Situated in the municipality of Nacaome in the Valle Department of Honduras, Agua Fria is the first solar power plant constructed by Scatec in Latin America.