Biological diversity

The development and construction of utility-scale renewable energy plants can have a number of environmental impacts. These may include degradation of habitats, reduction of resource availability and transformation of habitats, which can affect biodiversity. Subsequently, a pivotal part of project development comprises biodiversity impact assessments. If an impact is unavoidable, we always implement mitigation measures to minimise impacts and restore biodiversity.

For all our projects, land transformation is minimised and land use optimised to lessen impact on fauna and flora. Relevant measures during construction and operations include, among other things, fencing off storage areas, keeping lighting at a minimum and allowing the free movement (migration) of small animals by maintaining migration corridors underneath perimeter fences.

Taking further action by creating biodiversity offsets to compensate for the residual, unavoidable impact on fauna and flora caused by projects will be considered to ensure no net loss and, where possible, a net gain in species. We will continue to focus our efforts not only on the mitigation of potential negative impacts, but on the restoration and creation of biodiversity areas.


We always implement mitigation measures to minimise impacts and restore biodiversity.


Biodiversity in Ukraine: Bird watching site



  • Naturally functioning wetlands provide a range of benefits and services for people’s livelihoods.
  • Wetlands are extremely rich in biodiversity, including waterbirds.
  • The loss of natural habitats coupled with excessive predator activity led to a sharp decline in the number of birds’ species in the Tiligul Estuary.

Key initiatives and outcomes:

  • Created a bird watching site to support scientific research and to raise awareness and educational opportunities.
  • The site monitors and identifies factors that negatively impact the number of rare and endangered species.
  • Extensive educational work can be done at the site, emphasis on challenges related to the conservation of particular species.