Community solar PV in Honduras

“For me the solar system means having energy in my house without paying high fees for consumption. It has been a solution to the lack of energy at my home before. I did not pay for the installation, but I did voluntary work to support the Nagarejo and Agua Fria communities and received training in solar energy and its maintenance, to be able to make it by myself.”

– Maria Isabel Euceda, one of the beneficiaries of the home solar system project

Over the course of 2018, 13 community solar PV systems were installed in the community neighbouring our Agua Fria solar plant in Honduras. The households did not have access to electricity prior to the installation. The solution consists of a home solar system including a solar panel and light bulbs.

Residents of the community Nagarejo say that they are benefitting from the home solar systems in the following ways:

  • Elimination of electricity bills
  • Low-maintenance system and all beneficiaries received training upon installation
  • Reliable energy source in case of interruption in the Nacaome area

We are in regular dialogue with the thirteen families so as to understand any challenges experienced with the solar systems. We have initiated an action plan to improve existing systems and to further promote solar technology in neighbouring communities.

Additional community solar PV projects are in the process of being planned in 2020.

Maria Isabela community PV Honduras