Ledjane Oliveira

Meet one of our changemakers, Brazil-based community liaison officer (CLO) Ledjane Oliveira. In her daily work, Ledjane serves as a ‘human bridge’, connecting Scatec’s local assets with the surrounding community. The most important part of her job, she says, is to “build trust”. This is an integral part of Scatec’s DNA and something that is closely aligned with Ledjane’s own values and beliefs.

Ledjane grew up in rural Brazil, the child of farmers who did everything they could to ensure that she received a good education. With natural curiosity and a love of learning, Ledjane went on to study mathematics, chemistry, educational sciences, solar cells, and most recently materials engineering.

This curiosity and pursuit of knowledge extends to Ledjane’s CLO role in Scatec.

“In my job, I’m always in contact with people. And to me, it’s not just about collecting data to present reports. I need to build trusting relationships with community members. I listen to them so that we, as a company, make the right decisions with them,” explains Ledjane.

CLOs like Ledjane are Scatec’s frontline workers. They are typically the first to be hired to a renewable energy project, and early on they are responsible for mapping out the area and engaging with local stakeholders. Today there are more than 20 CLOs across Scatec’s global operations. They are a group of people that the company calls “essential” in terms of ensuring that every power project is a win-win for both Scatec and the surrounding community.

Not afraid to disrupt the status quo, Ledjane decided to change the way that stakeholder management was conducted Brazil. She created a digital application that gave an overview of the community in a much more a

ccessible way. She also established a digital channel of communication, so that local people could easily pose questions or make suggestions about projects.

“By digitalizing this process, we created a much more solid basis to build a real, concrete engagement plan in a simple but efficient way. It made identification and analysis very consistent in the field, and with each of the families,” she says.

“In order to build a long-term future for Scatec in Brazil, we need to build relationships of trust. That means listening, understanding, and involving them when we run projects. And when we do this right, we can improve the future.”