Mihaela Boka

Name: Mihaela Boka

Position: IT Coordinator

Country: Norway

Worked in Scatec since: 2019

What is your story with Scatec? 

I started working for Scatec about two years ago, a short time after moving to Norway. At the time, I didn’t have much experience in the domain, but Scatec offered me an opportunity as an IT Coordinator. A few months and many projects later, I got a permanent contract. To me, working in Scatec means getting the chance to make the world a better place, and I’m glad I got the chance to stay with the company.

What made you want to work at Scatec?

I love helping people achieve their goals and at that time, I felt that Scatec would be a great place to do this. At the same time, we are improving the environment. But working for Scatec is not only about helping the environment through renewable energy, it’s also about empowering the communities in which we operate.

What do you think makes Scatec unique? 

In Scatec, each employee has a unique role, but we can only achieve our goals together. To answer the question directly, the employees are what make Scatec unique. Every and one of us has a role in improving our future.

Name one recent achievement you are proud of

A few months ago, Scatec contracted Attensi, a Norwegian company specialised in gamified simulation trainings, to help us further improve and expand Scatec’s learning portfolio. I was appointed the “superuser” and IT expert for the gamified solutions, becoming the first point of contact for our gamified trainings queries and assistance.

My team and I decided to create a gamified training to bring awareness to employees about the importance of IT security. We came up with selected topics that we wanted to focus on, such as phishing, password protection methods, travel security and network security.

An important element of this is customised gamified training – training where employees interact in authentic situations, dilemmas and operations of business-critical policies and systems in Scatec – in a fun and playful way. Pedagogic methodologies and friendly competition amongst colleagues make you do the training several times, learning more.

A few months later, some of Attensi’s customers asked to buy Scatec’s IT Security training, as the content is highly relevant for these companies too. In an increasingly technological world, IT Security is an important aspect for our safety, and I am happy and proud to see that the hours put into the training will reach beyond Scatec.