Norfund becomes 100% owner of SN Power

In September 2017, Norfund acquires 100% of SN Power, resulting in a revised strategy.

Bajo Frio, Panama, completes its second year of full operations with an availability of 95.1%.

The Safe operations project in Zambia (refurbishment and upgrading of existing units/equipment) is completed ahead of time and below budget.

The Maris Canal project (8 MW) in the Philippines is completed, ahead of time and on budget.

SN Power signs a cooperation agreement with Industrial Promotion Services (IPS) to enter the 147 MW Ruzizi III hydropower project located on the river bordering DRC and Rwanda, as IPS’ technical partner.

SN Power signs a new Share Purchase Agreement with Sithe Global for the acquisition of their complete shareholding in Bujagali Energy Limited in Uganda.