SN Power enters India

SN Power partner up with of LNJ Bhilwara in India and becomes a shareholder of 49 per cent of Malana Power Company, which in turn owns the hydropower plant Malana, with a capacity of 86 MW (later upgraded to 109 MW).

Malana Power Company also has the development rights to a new run-of-river power plant, Allain Duhangan with 192 MW capacity and an expected annual production of 800 GWh (SN Power’s shareholding: 43%).

Allain Duhangan has already received approval from the UN’s Clean Development Mechanism (CDM), which confirms that the plant will reduce Indian CO2 emissions by 495 000 tons annually on average. Allain Duhangan opens for limited operations in 2010 and starts full operation in spring of 2012.