Community PV (1)

In Nagarejo, Honduras, Scatec installed solar PV for the community water system, ensuring residents have access to affordable water.

The challenge

Nagarejo neighbours our Agua Fria solar plant. An initial needs assessment revealed that residents would benefit from savings on electricity bills. Solar PV is also a reliable energy source in case of interruption in the Nacaome area.

How we worked together

The project consisted of the installation of a solar PV system to provide electricity to the existing water pump in the well that provides water to 290 households in the community. The 10.8 kWp solar PV system consists of 27 panels and a 7.7 kW inverter. The system is low-maintenance and residents were provided training.

Key results


Households connected


thousand $ invested by Scatec in Agua Fria


Cost savings of electricity bill compared to previous year%


Local jobs created
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“With this project we managed to expand the benefits of solar PV energy and show our neighbours the great achievements that communities can obtain when they work for their own development. Working together we managed to leave a sustainable footprint for the benefit of the families that make up the Nagarejo community.”
– Kerolin Yanez, Social and Community Relations Coordinator at Scatec

Agua Fria, Honduras, 60 MW

Situated in the municipality of Nacaome in the Valle Department of Honduras, Agua Fria is the first solar power plant constructed by Scatec in Latin America.