Bright up your career

The people of Scatec make up who we are. A highly skilled, motivated and diverse workforce who relentlessly drives towards delivering on our ambitious strategy and our vision of improving our future.

Throughout the whole employee life cycle – from recruitment to offboarding – we integrate our company culture with our values, leadership values and strong focus on performance management and development. Pursuing and stretching for your own development is as expected as taking part in developing our global organisation.

Our global workforce is represented by more than 45 different nationalities. We know a diverse workforce provides greater variety of solutions to the challenges we face in the various countries we are present, and take pride in every new addition.

Our people have extensive and broad professional experience and competence on all aspects related to our value chain – from development of a new renewable project to operations and maintenance of large scale power plants providing clean and cost efficient energy to many thousand every day.

People of Scatec

Vision and values

Vision: Improving our future is an ambitious vision with several dimensions.

Externally it means that we want to create a company that contributes actively in making our world cleaner and more sustainable.

Internally it means that we shall create a culture based on our values, performance and competence which provides unrivaled opportunities for our employees.

Values: Our values embody the spirit and energy of Scatec at its best. They give direction guiding us through challenges, and create a playground within where we discuss and take action and decisions, empowering our people. They strengthen our business position and impact everything we do.


In a rapidly changing market environment, predictability is an important feature of a business relationship. We see it as our task to deliver on our promises and meet the expectations placed on us. For this, we use our know-how and experience. Consistent performance and reliability finally leads to confidence.

Predictable means that we…

  • deliver on commitments
  • communicate in an open and precise way
  • bring up ethical issues and challenges immediately

Driving results:

Determination is vital to succeed in the renewable industry. Driving results are therefore a fundamental value in our corporate culture.

Driving results means that we…

  • set ambitious targets
  • show endurance, follow through and pay attention to important details
  • strive simplicity and clarity, avoid activities not adding value
  • continuously develop sound expertise, demonstrate commercial awareness and customer orientation




Curiosity and an open mind are important qualities for us. It is not necessary to reinvent the wheel – often it’s just a new combination of good ideas that enables a significant advantage. This requires the courage to venture into unknown territory and manage the emerging risks, an attitude we foster in Scatec.

As changemakers we…

  • are curious and stimulate new ideas and creativity
  • have the courage to challenge accepted truths and enter unfamiliar territory
  • understand and manage risk

Working together:

The whole is greater than the sum of its parts. Complex projects involve many people and various disciplines that require seamless cooperation.

Working together we…

  • listen actively, give and accept constructive feedback
  • always seek the most appropriate solutions, share our experiences and build on each other‘s contributions.
  • respect the individual and encourage collaboration to continuously improve the working environment.
  • have a “can do” attitude and strive to develop and energize our colleagues.

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