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The Philippines’ power sector is a commercial market and features a well-established wholesale market, with all fuel groups represented. The sector boasts robust fundamentals with steady demand growth supporting investment opportunities. Policy continues to be supportive of renewables and the Government has launched a Renewable Energy Roadmap with an ambition to increase reinstalled capacity to at least 20 GW by 2040. SN Power entered the Filipino market in 2005. Today, the joint venture company owned by Scatec and Aboitiz Power is the largest private hydropower company in the country with 642 MW in operation and a median production of 810 GWh.

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Magat, Philippines, 388 MW

In operation

The Magat prower plant is situated in Ramon, the Province of Isabel, and is one of the largest hydro facilities in Luzon. It was initiated in 1975 and construction started in 1980. Magat is designed as a peaking plant and each generating unit has the capability to be on-line and deliver electricity to the system in less than two minutes. The reservoir, damand and intake gates, are owned and operated by the National Irrigation Administration (NIA), who also dictates the water level in Magat’s reservoir through a rule curve. A reregulating pond is constructed downstream of the power plant and is also owned and operated by NIA. Magat’s main purpose is irrigation as the water source for almost 85,000 hectares of rice fields downstream. Partner: Aboitiz Power 50%

Binga, Philippines, 140 MW

In operation

The Binga power plant is situated in Itogon in the Province of Benguet, Luzon, a few kilometers downstream of the Ambuklao hydropower plant. The plant was commissioned in 1960 with a capacity of 100 MW. A new intake has been built to address the increased level of siltation in the Binga reservoir. All major power components have been replaced or gone through a major overhaul. The overhaul and upgrade were completed in July 2013. Scatec has a 50/50 joint venture with Aboitiz Power.

Ambuklao, Philippines, 105 MW

In operation

The Ambuklao power plant is situated in Bokod in the Province of Benguet, Luzon. The project was commissioned by the National Power Corporation in 1956 and is one of the oldest hydropower plants in the Philippines. Initially Ambuklao had a capacity of 75 MW. The plant was shut down following an earthquake in 1990. In 2008 SN Aboitiz Power (SNAP) bought the plant and it has since then gone through major rehabilitation that was completed in 2011 with a new installed capacity of 105 MW. Scatec has a 50/50 joint venture with Aboitiz Power.

Maris Hydro, Philippines, 8.5 MW

In operation

Maris hydro power plant is situated in Ramon in the Province of Isabela, Luzon, and was proposed by SNAP-Magat’s operations and maintenance team under the company’s business creativity and innovation program. Maris was the first power plant constructed by SNAP since it acquired Magat hydro in 2007 through privatisation. Construction of the run-of-river hydro plant took about two years. Maris hydro utilises the water coming from Magat hydro that goes into the Maris re-regulating dam located downstream of Magat, before flowing into the Maris Main (South) Irrigation Canal. Partner: Aboitiz Power 50%

Philippines, 20 MW BESS

Project in backlog

The 20 MW battery energy storage system (BESS) at the Magat hydropower plant is Scatec’s first BESS project connected to a hydropower plant. The project has been developed by SN Aboitiz Power, a joint venture between Scatec and AboitizPower, and started construction in third quarter 2022. Hitachi Energy is providing engineering, procurement, and construction services for the project. The Bank of the Philippine Islands and China Banking Corporation will provide debt financing. The facility will be capable of dispatching energy to the grid at times of peak demand and is expected to be used primarily for ancillary services.