Community engagement in Brazil

Our goal is always to have a positive impact on the communities in which we operate, identify local needs, and maintain open and transparent dialogue with relevant stakeholders. In Brazil, Scatec partnered with global NGO to reclaim community spaces as platforms for sustainable social change.

The challenge

The community of Bom Sucesso is located only a few hundred meters away from our 162 MW Apodi plant. Considering solar plants have up to 25-year life spans, trustful and long-term relatio

nships with local communities is vital. For every project, we conduct a local needs assessment as part of a stakeholder engagement plan.

While direct project impacts were limited, a needs assessment revealed that Bom Sucesso would strongly benefit from an upgraded community space, particularly for children and youth.

How we worked together

Working closely with the local residents, we designed and developed a physical space for the community. We held meetings with cultural, environmental, sports and women’s groups, as well as businesses, local institutions, and the municipality. A project design survey identified the main needs and expectations for the space, and a Community Network was formalized.

With close involvement from the community, a solid project plan with measurable targets and a sustainability plan for monitoring progress were created.

– The spaces that have been revitalised will provide children and everyone in the community the opportunity to enjoy more leisure time and practice other activities. We all know the importance of these spaces for the involvement of our youth, says Vanessa, School Director and Local Project Coordinator.

Key results

After 14 weeks of construction and 2300+ volunteer hours donated by the community, the revitalisation of the public space was completed. Over 140 people from over 25 local groups and institutions were involved in the project, and over 300 people attended the inauguration ceremony.

– In this project the word construction goes far beyond placing bricks, stones, sand, or painting. It means the construction of a stronger community, increasingly aware that working together is essential for its sustainable development, says Adriano Lima, Program Coordinator and CLO, at Scatec.

Watch the video to see the transformation of the square, sand field, sports court, and community garden. For more, read the final project report here.

Apodi Solar, Brazil, 162 MW: The Apodi project is located in the municipality of Quixere in the north-eastern state of Ceara. The project was established as a 50/50 joint venture with Equinor. Construction started in late 2017 and the solar plant reached commercial operation in November 2018.

Community investments are our voluntary initiatives that contribute to the long-term common good of local communities and come in addition to efforts made to mitigate or compensate for project-related impacts. We are committed to contributing to the communities in a way that allows them to develop by themselves without becoming dependent on us.