Eduarda Sales

Name: Eduarda Sales

Position: Financial Controller

Country: Brazil

Worked in Scatec since: 2017

What is your story with Scatec Solar?

In April 2017, I returned to my hometown after 2 years studying abroad with a major goal – work with something that would positively impact our community. How to achieve that directly, being someone who loves working with numbers and behind spread sheets, was not clear for me yet. A few months later, during my honeymoon in Cape Town – a place where I would coincidentally return to an exact year later to visit Scatec Solar South Africa’s office – I signed the contract to join Scatec Solar as a Financial Controller. I ended up not only contributing to bring clean energy to many households in Brazil, but also having an incredible journey – growing professionally surrounded by highly skilled and inspiring colleagues and building my career at a company which values are aligned with my personal beliefs.

In Scatec Solar, every day is a different challenge to take on and a different lesson to learn. Things move on very fast, but when I look back it makes me very proud to see how much we have accomplished together and how far we have gotten. After all, it is not only about numbers, it is about using team effort and knowledge as tools to benefit society, and success it is not only measured by the results we deliver, but also by the way we transform people’s lives.

What do you think makes Scatec Solar unique? 

Focus on sustainable value creation, purpose-driven strategy and people;

In Scatec Solar, we respect the legitimate interests of all stakeholders, not just shareholders. One of the key drivers of the success of this company is its commitment to our people, the environment and the community. More than ever, in incredibly challenging times like these, leading with purpose and humanity is crucial for businesses survivance. Of course, this is only possible due to the incredible professionals working around the globe to help build and ensure our culture. International diversity within the company has brought together people from many cultures with varied work experiences and different perspectives on strategy and organisational challenges – that is what I call our secret ingredient and I am very proud to be part of it.

Despite being geographically dispersed, there is a common cause, our vision, that makes distances shorter: Improving our future.  Working together towards a goal that is from all of us gives a sense of ownership and belonging to something meaningful and that is definitely what makes Scatec Solar unique to me.