Enters Nepal and acquires Magat in The Philippines

Through the 50% shareholding in SN Aboitiz Power (SNAP) in The Philippines, SN Power acquire Magat, the largest hydropower plant in the Philippines with a capacity of 360 MW/940 GWh.
The power plant lies 350 kilometers north-east of the capital Manila.

Magat is a cornerstone in the local community and a number of corporate social responsibility programs have been established locally, spanning everything from environment work to health services and education.

Also, in 2006 SN Power takes over Statkraft’s shares and acquires 57.6 % of Himal Power Limited (HPL) in Nepal, which owns the Khimti power plant (60 MW/ 360 GWh) in Nepal.

Khimti starts its operations in 2000 and is also behind a number of local development programs in the local area.